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Crizal DRIVING LENS Range Extension 

Crizal DRIVING LENS Range Extension 

Essilor has announced that its Crizal® Drive anti-reflective coating will now be available with Eyezen® lenses and Varilux® Comfort Max, from this month.

The premium anti-reflective coating perfectly combines with its range of lenses to offer greater clarity of vision on the road for the wearer.

The lens offers up to 90 per cent less reflection at night1, at 507nm where eye sensitivity is the highest, compared to a lens with a hard coat. Thanks to this adaptation to lightwaves, wearers will experience a decreased sensation of glare, enhancing their visual comfort for safer driving2.

Alan Pitcher, commercial director for wholesale lenses, said: “The lens coating protects lenses from all the barriers to clear vision including scratches, smudges, water, dust, and UV rays.

“By offering the coating on a wider range of lenses we hope more patients are able to benefit from a better clarity of vision throughout the day and maximise their night vision to feel safer on the road.”

Crizal® Drive is now available on the following lens designs: Varilux® XR series™, Varilux® Physio® 3.0, Varilux® Comfort Max, Eyezen® Start and Eyezen® Boost Single Vision.

Marketing support is available to promote the coating in practice and includes a leaflet and poster. It is also covered by a two year guarantee, against scratching and manufacturing defects.

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