Lip Reading Practice Online

The material in the site is free to all who wish to use it.

This site presents lipreading using video clips as well as written exercises. Skills and practice material in the sessions focus on learning to recognise the lip shape and movements of most sounds.

It is hoped that the ideas and strategies presented will also be helpful.

The site aims to enable those who have a hearing loss and who are unable to join a lipreading class the opportunity to develop lipreading skills. The material is designed to help to develop lipreading skills and to practise them in a safe environment.



1. everybody is different and will learn at different rates. It is hoped that the sessions can be used by individuals for practice at all stages of development. It may also be used by groups of learners if so wished.

2. The work in this course could take anywhere between 1 and 2 years to complete if you were in a lipreading group, so don’t feel you have to rush through the work. Don’t rush! Take your time take each stage steadily and move on when you feel confident.

3. to make sure you congratulate yourself whenever you have lipread something, no matter how small, correctly.

4. that the idea is to use both hearing and lipreading to make better sense of what is heard.

5. going to a lipreading class provides the best means of learning to lipread.

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