The Wiseman Memorial Fund

The fund exists to provide financial assistance for the promotion and encouragement of education and research in the practice of Ophthalmic Optics in all of its branches.

Student Hardship Awards

Optometry and Dispensing Optics students in their second or subsequent years of study who are facing exceptional financial difficulties in progressing their studies may apply to the Fund for a grant. References and endorsement from Tutor or Head of Department are essential.


Travel Awards

The Fund makes one or more annual awards (up to £750 in value) to promote Ophthalmic Optics overseas. The awards are open to students or recently qualified Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Optical Technicians (SMC Tech).

The awards are designed to help defray the costs of going abroad to work on a voluntary basis. Applicants must briefly state the purpose and their reasons for the overseas trip and explain how the journey will assist overseas ophthalmic care.

Research Awards

Applicants should forward a detailed proposal outlining the purpose and scope of their intended research, proposed program of work and order of cost.


Application forms for the above can be downloaded from or alternatively via

The Wiseman Memorial Fund
c/o The Federation of Manufacturing Opticians
199 Gloucester Terrace
Tel: 020 7298 5123 Fax: 020 7298 5120