Air Force Sunglasses from Italy

Vintage Air Force Sunglasses

Air Force Vintage Retro Sunglasses

Air Force Vintage Retro Sunglasses became a cult sunspec trend throughout Europe from 1996 onwards following the Cult Trends earlier initiated by the late 80’s film Top Gun.

They were made in Belluno, Italy by the Demenego Group who made top quality spectacle frames sold throughout the world under top Brand Names, including Roberto Collini.

The same quality control on the production lines and coating laboratories was lavished on these sunglasses making them among the most well finished, hard wearing and striking face decoration in any retro sunglasses today.

Made to optical spectacle precision they can be glazed with precription lenses but we love them as Top of the Range Sunwear that is Air Force Vintage Retro Sunglasses .
Each lens is made of optical qualilty CR39 Plastic and is certified as being UV400 compliant. Placed in the market before Brexit changes every sunspec is CE quality stamped.
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