Eye Conditions can be caused by age, trauma, inheritance or changes in Children’s growth patterns.

They are often not noticed by the viewer until changes have become more evident in a severe loss of sight or good clear vision and some conditions do not allow for correction if left too late.

Thankfully most eye conditions are noticed in early onset but a large number are found during a visit to the Optometrist and the opticical practice.

If you feel something might be wrong with your vision or the eyelids and your eyes then make an urgent appoitment and get them checked. And keep a close watch on your children and familly.

Sight threatening vision disorders

The eye is generally a robust and healthy sense organ, but from time to time serious defects occur either through a natural ageing process of the eye, genetic malfunctioning or a deterioration brought on by other general health issues.
Except in a number of rare cases many disorders do not openly present themselves in a dramatic loss of vision and many do not produce pain. Often disorders occur in one eye only, the other better eye masking the vision loss in the other. This is why many problems go undetected and are usually only discovered by a chance decision to take an eye examination.
As a general rule most eye problems that suffer a loss of vision cannot be reversed but the loss can be arrested, so the message must be to take regular care of your eyes. After all, you only have one pair.
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