What is an eye examination?

When you have your eyes examined the process will take around 30 minutes dependent on your age and specific needs. Your optician will ask questions about your health and your close relatives’ eye health as well as noting any symptoms. They will asses how you are getting on with any current spectacles and the type of lens you are wearing.

The next stage will be to objectively see what (if any) prescription you require which will be modified by asking you questions as to how clearly you can see. Don’t worry that you will answer incorrectly. The routine is designed to ask the questions more than once to confirm the correct prescription.

The optician will access how well your eyes move together, how your pupils respond to different tests and at least for the first appointment check your colour vision.

Having found the best lens power for your distance vision, and reading vision at the distance you normally work at, this prescription will form the basis on which your spectacles or contact lenses will be made.

The Optician will look at and in your eyes where he can assess your general health as well as the health of your eyes. (see diabetes) Further tests will be carried out either before or after the examination to check the pressures in your eyes (see glaucoma), your quality of visual field and some practices are now available to provide extra services such as taking a picture of the back of your eye for cross reference when you return on your next appointment.

Having found a prescription they will discuss with you the best dispensing solution for your needs and this will be transmitted to the dispensing optician to help you select the best frames or contact lenses.

If the optician finds a disorder or health problem during the test he will refer you either through your GP or directly to the hospital for further investigation. Often these days, chronic disorders, once treated and assessed by hospitals, are returned to the optician for continued care and assessment.

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