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New website offers Dry Eye Products

New website offers Dry Eye Products promoted by Opticians 

Positive Impact has relaunched an updated and expanded version of its website where patients can buy its Dry Eye Zone products.


Patients using the online shop at get the convenience of buying their dry eye products online.

The updated website means that the independent suggest Dry Eye products without tying up practice space, by stocking every product in Positive Impact’s Dry Eye Zone.

Another benefit for the practice is that it reduces the risk of some of the products expiring on the shelf.

Positive Impact’s renowned Dry Eye Zone features best-in-class products such as the HydraMed drops and ointment, the Purifeyes hypochlorous spray and DemEx cleansers, the Dry Omega supplements and the TearRestore and Bruder compresses. It also features the optocosmetics Lash Builder and the Eyes Are the Story make-up and skincare.

Post-Covid it is estimated that more than half of consumers prefer to buy online and we are committed to ensuring that our customers don’t lose out when the patient makes that convenience choice.”