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High levels of satisfaction with UK primary eye care

High levels of satisfaction with primary eye care in the UK

The General Optical Council (GOC) has published its 2022 public perceptions research, again providing strong evidence that public satisfaction with primary eye care remains high. This year reporting that “94% of respondents who had had a sight test/eye test in the last two years” were satisfied with their last visit to an optician/optometrist. 87% of respondents also said they were satisfied with the protections to protect them from coronavirus during their last optician visit.

In more positive news, more people than ever reported they would see their optician/optometrist practice first if they woke up with an eye problem. The increase continues a trend seen in GOC surveys over time, with more patients changing their behaviour and seeking help from primary eye care rather than a GP or hospital.

The research however highlights regional differences, with people more likely to visit an optician/optometrist practice first if they live in Scotland (51%), Northern Ireland (45%) or Wales (42%) compared to England (27%). The trend is expected given the range of extended services that the NHS has commissioned in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, which have been in place longer than in England.

Almost half of the survey respondents also said they would consider undertaking their sight test or eye examination remotely.

The full report is available on the GOC website

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