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Putting ‘night lenses’ in the film spotlight

Putting ‘night lenses’ in the film spotlight

A “disruptive” video was used at 100% Optical to celebrate the new partnership between Positive Impact and Scotlens, an independent, custom-fit contact lens manufacturer based in Scotland.

The growing relationship heralds Positive Impact’s move into the lucrative Ortho-K ‘night lenses’ sector which is expected to experience significant growth over the next few years.

Positive Impact Managing Director Nick Atkins and Scotlens Managing Director Tom Griffiths celebrating their new partnership

To demonstrate Scotlens’ creative mindset, the company augmented a tongue-in-cheek “we’ve just hijacked your logo” video of its Clinical Director Scott Brown onto the 100% Optical logo wherever it appeared, including visitors’ badges, the show signs, on brochures and on the show’s digital media.

“We wanted to draw attention to what we’ve been up to and also to demonstrate how modern technology can be used effectively to engage the next generation customer base, which is something the optical sector is struggling to do,” explained Scotlens’ Managing Director, Tom Griffiths.

“At 100% Optical, our focus was on disruption, how we have led the disruption of the global renaming of ‘Ortho-K’ to ‘Night Lenses’ to make it easier for the public to understand and for the sector to grow,” he added.

“Night Lenses will do to Ortho-K what ‘laser eye surgery’ has done to photorefractive keratectomy, namely giving us all a peg to hang on and make it easier to communicate with patients and, as a result, the market will explode.

“Ortho-K is heading towards Night Lenses, the nirvana of perfect sight without surgery and with nothing in your eye during the day, or on your face. We’re engaging in a way that is a million miles away from traditional Ortho-K marketing and, so far so good, it’s working, as Scotlens is expanding.

“At the show, the quality of conversations and sales leads was high. Awareness of Scotlens, the Night Lenses disruption piece and our new entrepreneurial approach in the sector was even higher. We may be tiny compared to the giants in our space, but we will keep trying to stand out and to punch above our weight,” he concluded.


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