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Elevate Your Comfort and Style with the Ultralight STEPPER Spirit STS-30013

Elevate Your Comfort and Style with the Ultralight STEPPER Spirit STS-30013

The STEPPER Spirit STS-30013 defines what the ultralight fashion frame should be. Designed to reflect current eyewear trends and still provide unparalleled comfort, this easy to wear frame is a benchmark in ophthalmic fashion-eyewear.

This ultralight fashion frame boasts a contemporary design that seamlessly blends style with functionality. Weighing a mere 7g, wearers will experience the ultimate in lightweight comfort, allowing them to showcase their personal style with effortless ease.

At the heart of this innovative frame lies the inspired combination of state-of-the-art injection moulding technology and Stainless Steel. This clever fusion of TX5 and Stainless Steel not only ensures superior durability and strength but also guarantees wearers a hypoallergenic experience, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK, expressed, “With frames like the STEPPER Spirit STS-30013, we redefine the boundaries of fashion and comfort in eyewear. By utilising cutting-edge materials and meticulous craftsmanship, we create frames that not only elevate style but also prioritise wearer comfort and fit.”

While fashion frames often prioritise style over fit, STEPPER EYEWEAR recognises the importance of a well-fitting frame. A properly fitted frame not only enhances the wearer’s comfort but also ensures optimal visual performance and reduces the risk of discomfort or fatigue, making it an essential consideration when recommending fashion eyewear.

The Ultralight STS-30013 frame exemplifies STEPPER EYEWEAR’s unwavering commitment to delivering eyewear solutions that prioritise both style and comfort. With its modern design, lightweight construction, and hypoallergenic properties, this frame promises great looks, great fit and great comfort.

The STEPPER Spirit STS-30013 is available in three colours: Crystal, Olive and Ocean.