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The ultimate foldable reading glasses design

read on light: 

The ultimate foldable reading glasses design ultra light, ultra slim, and ultra colourful!

read on
, a Swiss reading glasses design company at the forefront of eyewear innovation, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: ‘read on light’ – ultra-thin, lightweight, and highly flexible reading glasses,

Made of a high-quality, skin-friendly eyewear material (TR90). At only three millimetres, ‘read on light’ is one of the thinnest reading glasses on the market and offers the most colourful, contemporary eye-catching style – and practical, functional design.

‘read on’ was founded by Sandra Kaufmann and Monika Fink, eyewear innovators who established the fashionable Swiss eyewear brand ‘Sol Sol Ito’ and have won a number of prestigious design awards, including the German Design Award, the Good Design Award and most recently, the Red Dot Design Award.

Three years ago, the team launched their first reading glasses product: slim, foldable reading glasses which fit neatly inside a smartphone case.

“read on light, our latest innovation, has been developed as the ultimate lightweight reading glasses product, with a fresh design, an ultra-convenient hard case and benefits such as skin-friendly materials,” said Sandra Kaufmann, industrial designer and co-founder of ‘read on’.“At Mido, where we have shown the product for the first time, the feedback we received was overwhelming. Opticians, distributors and eyewear enthusiasts from all over the world are very interested in ‘read on light’.”

Monika Fink, design artist and ‘read on’ co-founder, added: “We have developed the read on light collection with a minimal hard case that is easy to carry around and keep track of; the readers come in a selection of five, bright fashionable colours that have instant appeal. The interest and success we saw in Milan shows ‘read on light’ is a product innovation the optical industry has been waiting for.”
The new read on light glasses have been launched worldwide at the MIDO fair, Milan in February 2024. Every pair of read on light readers comes with a slim colour-blocked hard case.
The product is currently available in the following colours: red, violet, jade, blue, black and yellow.A convenient, neck/shoulder strap accessory is available in matching colours. The strap features a silicone holder for ease of wear.

‘read on light’ is a new super light reading glasses concept by Sandra Kaufmann and Monika Fink, the co-founders of Sol Sol Ito, a Swiss independent eyewear label established in 2012. The readers have a bold colourful and contemporary design, created according to the traditional principles of Swiss design: precision, perfection, zeitgeist + innovation. ‘read on’ launched their first product in 2021, a super thin design of handy, lightweight TR90 reading glasses which can be stored discreetly inside a
smartphone case. Feedback from this first launch showed that the market lacked a super slim contemporary reading glasses product with its own convenient case. Enter read on light!
Images: Nina-Maria Glahé