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My Local Optician is an online resource to help you identify a quality optician or eye care provider. If you are looking for quality eye care, have eye problems or sight concerns, or are simply seeking out a dependable eye test or the latest fashion eyewear you have come to the right place! Take our eye map test to see whether you are looking after your and your family’s eye care properly. You can use the eye map to find out about your eyes, eye tests, glasses and many more topics that will be an eye opener to many readers.

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Why an eye test now means so much more for your sight in later life

Norville Opticians Director Adrian Street says that the retina, the light sensitive area at the back of the eye and equivalent to the film in a camera or CCD in a digital camera, can tell us much about the state of the blood vessels in the brain.

He said: “In addition to the American research the retina can also be damaged by many common diseases like glaucoma, diabetes and age related macular degeneration which can lead to visual impairment or even blindness.

He explained: “Norville Opticians now has technology which was previously only available in hospitals to monitor and record what is happening in the eye.

By taking regular pictures with one of our Optical Coherence Tomography cameras it is possible to build up a 3D image of the various layers inside an eye and if repeated over a period of time the scans can give a vital early warning of several serious conditions before they become apparent to the patient.”

Adrian Street continued with another reason why regular eye tests are valuable...

Read more on why and eye test now means much more for later life

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