Choosing the Perfect Frame

Rimless glasses
The old adage “Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses” is nowadays been turned on its head. Girls can look seriously sexy, empowered and sensuous with the right frame. So too the men who find themselves taken more seriously in the work place so several polls have reported of late.
You can read about finding the best frame for your face shape. You can also choose your frame by the virtual route and use Silhouette’s Virtual Mirror.
Silhouette have taken the audacious route of only designing rimless frames and their long valued technical skills have proved invaluable in producing long lasting frames and yet extremely light on the nose. Not on the pocket though as all rimless specs cost a little more because of the expertise required in glazing. Such Rimless glassesskill has been demonstrated by dedicated optical glazing laboratories such as The Rimless Glazing Company who solely glaze rimless frames and are recommended by all the leading rimless frames companies, they also provide Opticians with two year guarantees which is passed onto customers. Find out more about rimless designs here
But what about shape and colour?
OK, this subject is a minefield, the one thing on your side is there are hundreds of frames in every opticians practice to try on, the wrong ones are immediately obvious and you can select out obvious colour mismatches with your skin tones and hair colour. Selecting your price range will also help you reduce choice although do remember these frames are you image for the next two years and cost wise work out cheaper than the handbags and shoes!
If you can take a good friend with you to help but we’ve found the friendly receptionist or optical assistants are always willing to get involved with frame styling and they are definitely more experienced.
If you have trouble seeing through the frames ask the Optician for a lens to hold up in front of one eye or perhaps get him to put a contact lens in one eye. At least it would allow you to see what that was like.
As we’ve said elsewhere on the site people range from minimalist to bold but frames over the next three years we predict will get bolder in colour and larger in size. So have the courage to move in that direction.
Those with “large hair” American style should perhaps lessen the impact whilst short bobs look great with impact styling. Blondes can wear most colours bar green and look great in little black numbers (we mean specs!). As the styles get larger we will see decorative metal frames coming back into vogue and this is already starting to happen.
Whatever you choose have a ball and make sure you are given time to experiment with design. Once chosen don’t stint on the lens designs because they can really add the finishing touches. Its worth considering more than one pair for different occasions like works and pleasure. So ask the staff if there are any reductions for a second pair but don’t be offered a reduced choice for the second pair.