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Blackfin shows at Paris Fashion Show

Blackfin announce presence at SILMO 2015 with their new "A/W 2015-16 Collection Preview

Blackfin BF 739 pictured model Frazier is a new spectacle frame for women combining hand-crafted techniques with modern design and excellent quality, all the distinguishing features of the Blackfin brand, the titanium eyewear entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, according to the imperatives of "neomadeinitaly".

A special technique has been used in the production of this frame whose milled top rim creates a play of volumes and a contrasting perspective between the front and the rest of the frame.

Blackfin BF739 The choice of a contrasting colour combination further highlights this three-dimensional effect, making it a particularly stylish piece of eyewear.

BF739 is available in different colour combinations: opaque finish grey/fuchsia, dark/light blue, deep purple/pink, and matte dark brown/glossy pink and red/metallic pink.

This amazing range of shades with a choice of primary and secondary colours, deep rich tones or metallic gloss is ideal for women who seek quality and originality in fashion and who, above all, want to express their own personality.

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