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Silhouette celebrates summer with stylish shades

Silhouette celebrates summer with the launch of its shades for its rimless

Silhouette, a world leading lightweight eyewear brand, has launched a Summer Style Shades promotion wearers.

Silhouette Sun Shades are clip-on sun shades that effortlessly transform any Silhouette rimless glasses into stylish sunglasses. Simply clip the Style Shades onto the nose bridge and you’re ready for the sun. The Shades are extremely lightweight and provide sleek and chic protection for eyes exposed to sunlight.

Silhouette Style Shades provide 100% protection against UV-A, B and C rays and filter out up to 87% of harmful blue lights.

The Shades are made in Austria from quality, high tech materials and offer optimal image and resolution quality without distortion. They also include polarisation filters that protect against reflections and blinding caused by light falling on smooth surfaces such as water or asphalt.

As they do not have frames they do not restrict vision and are perfect for all outdoor activities in the summer.

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