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Add Specialities and Brands to Your Practice

Add Specialities and Brands to your Practice Listing

Mylocaloptician’s “Find My Opticians” directory of practices for the UK has now opened up its speciality and product listing for all practices to apply free online to self-amend and publish the products and services they offer the community.

If you are a registered enhanced service provider you can also select the pathway as a service speciality.


1. Find your practice in our listing - Find Your Practice

2. Click the "claim my practice link" on your listing

3. Complete the form, choosing a username and amending any details as necessary

4. Accounts will be activated every Monday and you will be notified when active. You will then be able to add your chosen products and services.

Remember the user name you used initially along with the password we will send you which you will need when we enable your account.

Do not use your given password and username until we have activated your account when we will send you notification to do so and the following instructions along with the instructions shown below.

5. Login in to your account with the password that will have been emailed to you on registration, but only after you have received our activation email which will follow the password email later in the week

6. Add your specialities including any community enhanced services and brands you stock

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