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Community Low Vision Services

Community Low Vision Services

Over 1.8 million people in the UK suffer from a degree of loss of sight which for more than half could be corrected. Many of the total of those suffering sight loss could have been avoided by regular eyecare.

For those who have a degree of sight loss depite being prescribed spectacles much can be achieved by the provision of Low Vision Aids. (LVAs)

The provison of LVS’s takes care and time by practised professionals who in the past have mainly been available ina hospital setting. With an increasingly older population clinics were being overworked and appointments could take many months.

So now the Optometrists and Dispesning Opticians have been contracted to provide the service which is indeed one of their skills and always has been.

Where this service exists patients have received high quality low vision assessment, information and clinical support, and where appropriate, low vision aids (LVAs), daily living aids and follow-up in a community setting in a convenient location for them.

LVA help includes correctly fitted magnifiers and telescopes for distance and near as well as lighting tips and general help and assistance to gain mobility and confidence once again.

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