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Community Acute Eyecare

Community Acute Eye problems

  • Community Ophthalmology Triage
  • Community PEARS Referrals
  • Community ACES Referrals

This community service combines in most cases a total care package in Primary Eyecare Assessment and Referral  services.

Often these are regionally based as they improve the detection and triaging of eye defects or infections like red eye and bypass the visit to the GP.

They usually involve the assessment of all sudden acute eye problems except where a sudden loss of vision is known to have occurred which require self referral by the patient immediately to an ophthalmic department or A & E.

Because they encompass such a wide variety of eye problems there are a number of differently named services which are better outlined by the LOC that provides them.

The broadest of these is currently the Croydon Community Ophthalmology Service where accredited optometrists refer appropriately and can have some cases triaged by their own attached ophthalmologist.

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