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Community Children’s Eye Care

Community Children’s Eye Care

Most opticians in their standard eye examination can provide reassurance and information about your childs eyesight but continuing care is often needed for those with amblyopia (lazy eye). An eye sight examination is free for young children and your child can be tested at a very early age without the need to recognise letters or symbols.

The aim of the Community Children’s Vision enhanced service pathway is to reduce unnecessary referrals to secondary care ophthalmology departments. This is achieved by allowing community optometrists to provide management and treatment to children who are found to have suspected amblyopia following school screening.

This community service has proven to have benefits in early intervention for patients who have a suspected eye defect which has been identified at school screening, with a maximum waiting time of two weeks.

It provides increased access and choice for patients and increased capacity and reduced waiting times in secondary care to treat more complex patients. The child is often more relaxed in a community high street setting rather than an intimidating visit to a hospital.

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