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Community Glaucoma Services

Community Glaucoma related services

Types of Community Services adopted around the UK

• Community Glaucoma Refinement
• Community Glaucoma Readings
• Community OHT Monitoring
• Community Glaucoma Monitoring

Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma, a defect in the pressure of the eye rarely has any noticeable pain or symptoms.

Detection is most commonly made at a normal eye examination. The correct diagnosis needs additional tests and frequent additional pressure readings in order for a referral to be accurate. 

Those opticians not involved in any community glaucoma scheme will either refer via a GP to a hospital or if a scheme exist make the necessary additional tests and then refer to the hospital directly.

Once seen by a consultant it is important that those suffering from the defect are regularly monitored. A very time consuming approach if a visit to the hospital is required each time. Hence the development of optical practice monitoring and management of ongoing Glaucoma.

There are a group of patients who have unusually high pressures in the eye but show none of the symptoms related to Glaucoma and these types are called Ocular Hypertensive. (OHTs).

It is very important to watch over OHT patients in case signs of vision field loss occur and many opticians now provide this OHT surveillance watch.

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