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Community Cataract Services

Community Cataract Services

Community Cataract Post-op & Community Cataract Referral

Some areas have the ability to provide post operative assessment for cataract patients whilst others may only be involved in pre-assessment and appointment making. Many however now take care of both pre and post operative care of the patient.

In doing so the service has reduced unnecessary referrals to the hospital eye service and reduced patient anxiety whilst increasing capacity within the overburdened hospital clinics.

The service eliminates the requirement for a visit to the GP and also provides a comparable service for people who are unable to leave their home unaccompanied but who are able to attend for surgery at the hospital.

These community services reduce the total number of patient visits and waiting times for treatment and improve the quality of referrals to the cataract teams.

Overall the service now provides accurate data about outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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