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Trends in Kids Sunglasses

Trending in the Children’s Sunglass Market

There are still many examples of “cartoon and film character sunglasses” to tempt the very young to enjoy wearing their sunglasses.  Often the first pair ever provided for them.

It’s very much down to the parents and carers to build up the confidence and the fashion angle in a young Childs mind to get them to wear them whenever bright conditions exist.

Keeping them on their noses is not just a fashion conquest it’s also a mechanical achievement and many companies provide ribbon ties, spatula rubber ends and curl sides to hold on by the ears.

The pre- and younger teenager is far more fashion conscious and hardly needs convincing to wear shades.   There a many companies providing UVA/UVB protection sunglasses for kids and many are now copying styles of sunglasses much loved by parents.  There is no need to spend a fortune on designer branded goods, which might become scratched or lost but even so there plenty of clothing brands with street names at reasonable prices.

Older teenagers and indeed adults alike will start to look at sunglasses with special purposes like for sport, sun and collision protection and special sports tints for each sport providing better recognition on different surfaces for cycling, golf, racket games and running as well as field sports like cricket and athletics.

Howard Librae, MD of Brulimar Optical Group, who distributes Bench™ and Lee Cooper™, says: “The trend for adult style frames in small sizes is very much still leading the charge in the children’s eyewear market and will continue for the long-term in my opinion.

“In addition, more grown up hues (frame colours), such as navy blue, gun metal and tortoiseshell, are being favoured over frames that are brightly coloured. The notion of wearing frames festooned with cartoon characters is all but extinct now in children aged over five and this has been the case for some time. The truth is that children and teenagers today are more aware of their surroundings than ever before and have picked up more sophisticated tastes as a result.”

“They have constant access to social media and youth programmes on channels such as MTV, meaning they are exposed to the trends worn by their friends and celebrities 24/7 and this is something they want to emulate in order to keep ahead of the curve.”

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