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Research the best clinic for laser eye surgery

How to research your best clinic for treatment

As the success of your laser eye surgery is as much to do with the dedication, knowledge and experience of your surgeon as to the procedure used, is important that you research his/her personal success rate at the premises.

For instance, how many operations does s/he carry out each year and will there be an opportunity to fully discuss the issues involved before you consent to the procedure?

Confirm that the clinic or hospital accepts and follows the Royal College of Ophthalmologistís Guidelines.

What is the surgeons repeat rate for procedures that need later rectification? Normally anything between 3 and 10% with 4-5% being the norm.

Ask whether your vision is likely to be improved to a position where no spectacles will be necessary after the procedure and whether there is a greater likelihood that you may suffer from after effects.

Research the likely costs per eye and know these before the day of your procedure. If the costs rise because of complications noted by the ophthalmologist before the event donít be forced to accept them at the last minute but ask for time to reconsider the value to you of the procedure.

Good luck and remember that at least 85% of patients end with no need to ever where specs for distance and this is greater given your eye sight falls within the easier parameters.† 95%, despite some after effects, are also happy with the result. Donít be afraid to ask and go into the clinic with your eyes open.

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