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What types of laser eye surgery are available?

What types of Laser Eye Surgery are available?

Lasik (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis)

The cornea is cut by a mechanical blade or laser (often an Intralase laser) to create a flap. The cornea underneath is then sculptured using a laser to re-design the contour of the eye producing a near normal focusing surface, and then the flap is replaced.

This type of treatment is used in around 95% of laser eye surgery procedures; it causes the least pain or discomfort and because vision recovers quickly both eyes can be treated on the same day.

Wavefront guided Lasik for moderate myopia

This newest  laser technology, using a femtosecond laser which is customised to treat the specific shape of a person’s eye, The personalisation of the corneal sculpting and the expensive upgrade in machinery needed increases the cost of the procedure considerably.  But for those who have a greater risk of after effects, and for dry eye sufferers it is thought to provide a better result.

We are also privy to a medical paper which has been peer reviewed that shows that this procedure is more likely to enhance night vision whilst ordinary Lasik surgery has a greater likelihood of reduction in clear night vision.

Lasek (laser epithelial keratomileusis)

This method is rarely used but because less corneal material is supposedly disturbed it is thought to be good for those at risk in work or sport from corneal assault and for those with thin corneas. Although we would question their suitability in the first place.

A thin flap of the cornea’s outermost layer is created; the flap is lifted out of the way during the laser treatment, then replaced and held in place by a special soft contact lens which acts as a corneal bandage while the eye heals.

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