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ASA Bans Optegra Eye Surgery Advert

The ASA has banned an eye surgery advert for Optegra

February 2014

The Advertising Standards Authority has agreed to ban an eye surgery advert for Optegra starring Ruth Langford, following complaints that it misled viewers into believing they would no longer require glasses after undergoing the procedure.

The Ad featured the TV presenter, who told the camera: “As a TV Presenter it was so frustrating having to rely on glasses and contact lenses, but for me laser eye surgery wasn't suitable. Then I discovered Clarivu from the eyecare experts at Optegra. Clarivu corrects both long and short sightedness in a proven and permanent lens replacement procedure. Clarivu has changed my life forever. Goodbye glasses, hello Clarivu. See my story at”

An optician complained that this statement was incorrect; pointing out that multifocal lenses cannot provide the full range of near vision correction that would negate the need to wear spectacles.
Despite Optegra providing supporting scientific evidence for their claim the ASA ruled: “We understood that the use of multifocal intra-ocular lenses, such as those used in the Clarivu procedure, could provide sufficient correction of both long and short distance vision to the extent that many patients would no longer require glasses or contact lenses after the treatment, but that this was not guaranteed for all patients.”

As a result the ad must not appear again in its current form.

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