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Surge in Visits During NEHW

PHN gains huge impetus in their push to assist NEHW organisers

September 2013

Visit rates at PHN on their public site rocketed over their build up to NEHW.
PHN signed as unpaid collaborators to the NEHW organisers in an effort to help the promoted health week do better than in the past. As agreed we posted all the action that the organisers sent to us on our site as well as promoting the NEHW site itself.

We therefore posted the NEHW midweek update within hours of receiving copy on the Friday during the week.

Our plan was to start 2 weeks before the week trailing its commencement with story lines on both the professional and public sites.  We are thankful for the story from Norville Opticians that stimulated greater understanding about what an eye test can really show.

With over 600 twitter followers we maximised this area particularly with the eye care charities and these have grown to many new followers that during the week gave us an exposure to around 13,000 people.

Our normal public visit rate is around 1000+ a day around 7500 per week but once we got started with stories, tweets and facebook pages this increased in week one of September by 66%, then week 2 by 90% and finally in the week of the NEHW to an amazing 143% over normal visits getting us almost 2500 visits a day to the public site.

There were another 4000 views of our facebook pages and posts up double from previous weeks.

PHN has got the bug for extending its social media push and to be exceptional we need great stories from clinicians and opticians about their anonymised patients, their findings and what it meant to the patient.

And why not let us know about what happened to you after taking an eye test.

PHN out of a very small budget availability succeeded in these figures by paying for clicks and for the first time taking out an ad in the Saturday Times Magazine with a readership of 1.3 million preceding the NEHW.

We intend to promote this outside our site to other media and so we need your help in a number of ways.

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