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Shamir Take on Headline Lens Sponsorship

Shamir UK take on Headline Spectacle Lens Sponsorship of the public forum on

October 2012

Shamir’s funding on www.mylocaloptician will prove most useful as this site receives over 30,000 visitors a month hungry for information on eyes, fashion and who in their area provides the services they are looking for. Stuart Cooksey (Sales & Marketing Manager for Shamir UK) stated “We have been pleased with our first year on both the public and professional sites and we wanted to cement our relationship further with PHN in order to help them improve their service and widen still further their audience.  Our company knows the success in the future will be achieved by strong technology and R & D, and Primary Health Net  optical publishers  both to the profession and the public have by innovation shown how the public and profession can be brought together for the benefit of both and the industry that supports both.”

The funding has also allowed some subtle changes which now allow the site to publish all its supporters’ logos on each of the front pages of both sites.”

Director of PHN, Bob Hutchinson thanked Shamir for its helpful sponsorship. “Our supporters and our readership will be aware that as publishers we run a very tight ship and try to make our funds make the most positive impact on the eyecare knowledge of members of the public."

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