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Rodenstock opens the house of better vision

Rodenstock opens the house of better vision

August 2012

Rodenstock has launched a new website enabling consumers to experience its innovative range of services in an interactive way.

The website,, is a virtual world with four experience zones – self-tinting ColorMatic IQ, progressive lens system EyeLT and stylish sunwear and eyewear. Each area allows the user to see how the products work through clever graphics and interactive animations.

For example, in the sunwear section users can choose to test lenses with various tint options and see how vision is affected when looking at a mountain landscape in different seasons.  When customers have experienced the range of products on offer in Rodenstock’s House of Better Vision, they are able to search for their local Rodenstock specialist optician.

John Harrup, marketing communications manager, said: “The new website is designed to be consumer-friendly and strengthens communications with users of our products. It allows people to become familiar with the quality Rodenstock brand and services and interact in a simple, intuitive manner.”

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