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Cycle Ride Raises £3K for Charity

A marathon epic UK Cycle Ride raises £3k and added awareness for charity

May 2012

A mammoth 920 mile cycle ride, from Land’s End to John O’Groats, with stop-offs at eight regional opticians, has raised more than £3,000 for Vision Care for Homeless People.

Elaine Styles, the Charity’s chair, took ten days off from her work at Moorfields Eye Hospital and at Specs of Kensington to complete the trek with 70 hours in the saddle. 

Pounding hailstones, 25 miles-an-hour cross winds, three inner tubes and one tyre replacement were just some of the challenges along the way for Elaine, her husband John, and friends.

Elaine calculated that she burned 18,912 calories during the trip which included 15,231 metres climbed, but with some hearty encouragement along the way –

Elaine Styles“We needed verification of having completed the daily legs, so stopped off at practices in Ludlow, Church Stretton, Shrewsbury, Warrington, Ashton-in-Markerfield, Lancaster and Alness en route.

“There was a huge feeling of relief in completing the journey, but also of disbelief that I had actually managed to achieve such an ambitious challenge. We had light showers on most days but there were two days of very heavy rain. We also had a couple of showers of very sharp hail in Scotland - it was very painful. The temperature got down to 3C at some points.

“We had one unexpected bad day in Scotland, starting at Moffat and finishing at Loch Lomond. It should have been our shortest day at only 80 miles but that was before the 25 mph cross winds hit us. We were constantly being blown sideways - we were almost cycling diagonally. Then there was the rain and the hail. There was one road that started off well, but gradually turned into a farm track and then turned into a marsh. We ended up having to push our bikes for about a mile. The road gradually returned and we thought we would soon be home and dry, only then to come across a collapsed bridge! We ended up having to climb down the bank of the river, wade through the river and climb up the other side. We were wet to the skin and very tired that night when we arrived at the camp site,” added Elaine.

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