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Look Here Events Help Learning Disabled

Look Here Events Provide Help to those with Learning Disabilities

November 2011

SeeAbility recently ran two successful Look Here events to give people with a learning disability the opportunity to learn about looking after their eyes. People with a learning disability are 10 times more likely to have serious eye problems than the rest of the population, and the Charity is on a mission to raise awareness of this and to enable more people to access the right support

The events took place in York and London with a total of 85 self advocates and 20 supporters attending from across the country. The Charity is keen to work with more self advocacy groups to hold events across the UK.

Scott Watkin, Mencap’s Learning Disability Consultant and SeeAbility’s eye 2 eye Ambassador chaired both events. Attendees got the chance to learn about SeeAbility’s eye 2 eye Campaign, a community-based initiative improving eye care and vision for people with a learning disability, as well as Scott’s own experience of eye care.

Laura Christie from SeeAbility, talked about the eye care journey and demystifying the sometimes scary experience of accessing eye care for people with learning disabilities, in particular what happens at an eye test. A staggering 6 out of 10 people with a learning disability will need to wear glasses.

People at the events took part in discussions on ‘What makes it hard for people with learning disabilities who are blind to use rehabilitation services?’; The problems with attending an eye hospital; Accessing good eye tests and ‘Why do some people find it hard to wear their glasses?’ and considered what could make each experience easier.

Attendees also got the chance to take part in a Big Brother ‘Diary Room’ where people were filmed answering some questions about eye care: these clips will be edited into a film to show to MPs.

Scott Watkin closed both events by saying, ‘If we can get eye care right for people who have learning disabilities we can get it right for everybody else’.

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