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Kentoptic helps charity celebrate 5,000th dispense

Kentoptic helps charity celebrate 5,000th dispense

April 2011

Kentoptic, the independent lab, is helping Vision Care for Homeless People celebrate the 5,000th pair of specs to be dispensed by the charity.

Specialists in glazing and bespoke surfacing, Kentoptic, which looks after much of the charity’s London work, recently produced a pair of -22.00d specs, with lenses kindly donated by Norville, for a homeless man who turned to the charity.

“The poor chap was struggling with specs that were held together with Superglue and he obviously felt very vulnerable without them,” said Elaine Styles, VCHP Chair.

As Preston Everard, Kentoptic Executive Manager, explained:

“This charity fits in well with our company ethos, and I have been delighted with the response of our team in taking on the extra work.  We have always looked to give a little back and working with such an inspirational charity is very rewarding.  We have been very surprised by the powers needed with many prescriptions coming through at up to +5.00D.”

Elaine Styles added –

“With the recession we are seeing a lot more homeless people – particularly men. The best part of volunteering is the dispensing. Helping people to see again properly – often after many years – is amazing. For many this brings a confidence boost and the ability to start filling out job application forms,” she said.

Picture shows: Richard Tuck (grey shirt) Kentoptic Operations Manager, Preston Everard, General Manager and Elaine Styles, Chair of the Charity

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