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Gasson Lectures at RSM Camera Club

Gasson lectures at Royal Society of Medicine Camera Club

March 2011

Sally Gordon Boyd reports from the RSM that Andrew Gasson provided many Camera Club members including optometrists and dispensing opticians (who came as guests) with a fascinating insight into optical photography.

Andrew Gasson, a specialist in the fitting of contact lenses, is a first class photographer, not only of eyes.†† He has put this ability to excellent use in his practice and showed photographs of all sorts of conditions and of contact lenses of different types in situ.††

He had a patient who he reckons might hold the world record for the length of time she wore contacts;† she was fitted in Hungary in the 30s with some very early big glass lenses, and then settled in London and for many years had been with his practice.†† She had worn contacts absolutely all her life since the age of 13, and died recently at 83.†† In the last year or so of her life she had too much tremor in her hand to take lenses in and out so he arranged extended wear ones which she came to him to change monthly.

As well as several optometrists who joined in discussion afterwards, the club has some eminent ophthalmologists among its members who also gave support and brought along some colleagues.††

Andrew ended up by showing us a picture of a penguin's eye which he had managed to take fairly close up when visiting the Antarctic recently.†† He apparently waited four hours to get the picture - imagine the cold!

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