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Ivins back on eye scene in Scotland

Ivins back on the eye scene in Scotland

February 2011

Peter Ivins, the former chief executive of Black and Lizars has invested more than £250,000 in state of the art technology for his own new optometry practice.

Peter Ivins, now 54, has based his practice on the concept of healthcare rather than selling glasses.† The move follows a year out teaching other optometrists and completing a postgraduate diploma in ocular therapeutics.

The Bearsden practice features the first Zeiss system in the UK which is capable of scanning the retina and providing extremely detailed digital images.

Ivins hopes the business can reach a £500,000 turnover within two years.

He said: "The big chains are getting bigger in the UK but I believe there is a smaller niche market for a different kind of practice built on service rather than selling products. Optometrists in the US for instance make most of their money on the healthcare side rather than selling a lot of glasses and contact lenses. So I'm trying to take the best of what there is in the UK and merge it with what else is out there in the rest of the world.

Ivins added, "This is about looking after individuals and spending a lot of time with them to make sure we look after their vision."

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