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New Contact Lens Leaflet

BCLA  announce new patient leaflet titled ‘Wearing contact lenses’

January 2011

The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) say they have launched a helpful new leaflet for patients thinking about trying contact lenses, entitled: ‘Wearing contact lenses’.

The eight-page leaflet presents a series of common questions and answers to help patients decide if contact lenses are right for them, and which types to choose. Questions include:

• What are the benefits of contact lenses?
• Can anyone wear them?
• Are contact lenses easy to use?
• What type of lens is best for me?
• Which contact lenses are best for my lifestyle?
• When can children start wearing contact lenses?

‘Wearing contact lenses’ is the third in a series of useful BCLA leaflets for patients, aimed at encouraging healthy and safe contact lens wear and care.

‘Looking after contact lenses’ features common questions and answers on lens handling and hygiene, and the Dos and Don’ts of contact lens wear. ‘Buying contact lenses’ explains the law relating to contact lens sale and supply and provides advice on precautions wearers should take when buying lenses.    

BCLA President, Shelly Bansal, said: “All BCLA patient leaflets are designed to supplement and reinforce advice given by contact lens practitioners. Our latest leaflet will be invaluable in promoting successful contact lens wear, and helping new wearers to make the right decisions about lens wear and care along with professional guidance from their contact lens practitioner.”

Ask your optician for one today.

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