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Optical Confederation on drivers' vision

The Optical Confederation and Eye Health Alliance call on Government to implement a more systematic and scientific method of assessing drivers' vision

January 2011

The combined forces of the two organisations are being mustered to inform and pressure the Coalition into reviewing the current laws on vision checks and requirements. The Driving and Vision Campaign calls for the current system of vision screening for professional drivers to be extended to all drivers and for the number plate test to be replaced.

The UK Government has until January 2011 to indicate how it will implement the European Directives on Driving Licences 2006/126/EC as amended by 2009/113/EC, and until January 2013 to comply with the Directives. A public consultation on the proposals is expected early in 2011.

The campaign also seeks to raise awareness among all drivers of the need to look after their eyesight and ensure they have good vision when driving. Another facet of the campaign is to provide practitioners with information and education on driving and vision based on published research and to prepare practitioners for growing interest in driving and vision from patients and the media.

They claim that practitioners will need to be prepared for increased interest and activity in this area as the campaign gathers momentum.

Mylocaloptician looks forward to receiving more campaign messages that it will highlight on its educational site, helping to raise awareness of issues involved in drivers' vision and the Confederation's current campaign to around a thousand members of the public each day.

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