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Find my Optician gets total upgrade

“Find my Optician” gets a total upgrade

January 2011

The on line database has received a total rewrite and upgrade by our software experts during December and early January, which has necessitated PHN staff to work long hours in re-entering thousands of practice addresses within the new database.

Why did we bother? Simple, each address is now part of a unique interactive database and is allotted its own unique URL. address. This means that Google and other browsers will find yourthe practice address on our database faster and higher up the ranking.

Our team spent the first efforts in entering practices that are registered to provide home testing services in each PCT in our new separate domiciliary practice listing. So if you know of someone who is unable to get to an opticians on their own through physical or mental disability you can now find out who will provide a home testing services near them.

We are almost ready to launch the new standard listing in England of all practices, just another 2000 to go, so whilst you can still use our usual listing now, you will be able to check in our newly upgraded listing in just a week or so. This will give you so much more information about your local optician, what specialities he provides and what brands he sells. You will even be able to rate your experience after a sight test each year and provide others with your assessment.

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