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Third Sector Work Together for UK Vision Strategy

News from the Third Sector on closer working between main parties

December 2010

Action for Blind People. RNIB and SeeAbility want to work together to deliver the UK Vision Strategy
Three sight loss charities: Action for Blind People, the RNIB and SeeAbility; have pledged to "formally explore working more closely together" in a bid to coordinate their services better.

The three organisations said they wanted to cooperate more effectively in order to deliver the UK Vision Strategy, which was established in 2008 to improve eye health, eye care and sight loss services.

A joint statement from the three organisations said: "The aim would be to rationalise which charity does what and allow each to focus on their particular areas of specialisation in pursuit of the UK Vision Strategy."

The charities said there may also be "some potential to share resources for common functions", although they did not give any concrete examples.

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