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New Find My Optician Database to go live

New database for “Find my Optician” goes live in January

December 2010

The completely upgraded database used by thousands of the public each reach is to be relaunched in January.

Primary Health Net (PHN) was hoping this would be ready for January 4th but the sheer number of practice addresses has created a headache for staff who are busily transferring data to the new system.

“The poor weather experienced by all recently but most definitely by us in SE London has not helped, but the end result will be worth the additional week or so,” said Charles Greenwood, this week. 

“The new facility will provide far greater information to the public not only about practice addresses but also about their specialities and key designer stock which they supply. We also for the first time have a separate section for domiciliary providers in every PCT area and we intend come what may, that this part of the upgrade is ready for the start of our Better Vision campaign in January.“

PHN have asked all practitioners who are registered to provide home testing to let them know their area and contact information as soon as possible.

The new database for all opticians will be searchable by location, name, postcode as well as specialities and stock for those who upgrade their entry.

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