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Mylocaloptician in Talks with RNIB

Mylocaloptician in talks with RNIB over Better Vision for the Elderly Campaign

December 2010

Mylocaloptician, the public website run by Primary Health Net (PHN) is currently holding talks with RNIB on the best ways to raise the volume of the two month campaign and are investigating ways of working together.

"It’s too early to suggest any exact ways that RNIB can help but any forthcoming will help this campaign kick start in January and links between our tow sites will help attract more attention from the public in what is very much a “Big Society” campaign that needs constructive and friendly intervention from members of the public.” said Hutchinson at PHN.

“We are currently sending PR to many bodies including the Eye CareTrust, who we hope will make our task a little easier by supporting the campaign as we have done in the past during Eyecare week.”

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