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Record World Sight Day Challenge from CIBA Vision

CIBA VISION achieves record World Sight Day Company Challenge

December 2010

Once again CIBA VISION UK took on the company challenge on World Sight Day, raising money for Optometry Giving Sight and Vision Aid Overseas in order to help the 670 million people worldwide who are blind or vision impaired simply because they do not have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

CIBA-VISION staff experience poor vision simulation

CIBA VISION Head Office staff participated in an awareness exercise, during which their knowledge about what it is like to live with low vision and sight loss deepened.  Staff had the opportunity to participate in a ‘simulation’ of common eye health problems, such as cataracts and macular degeneration, to help them truly understand some of the everyday issues faced by people with sight loss.

CIBA Vision, World Sight Day ChallengeIn addition they dressed in School uniform and the company organised a range of quizzes for staff throughout the day, mammoth bake sale and karaoke.  At the end of the day the company raised a significant amount of money and discovered the budding masterminds, masterchefs and singers in the company.

A team from CIBA VISION also joined 23,000 other runners in the Great South run to raise money for the challenge, topping £2000 for the World Sight Day Company challenge which is the company record so far in the UK.

“The World Sight Day Challenge is extremely important to everyone at CIBA VISION,” explained Roger Lopez, Managing Director of CIBA VISION UK and Ireland. “All of our activities are about raising funds to provide healthy vision to as many people in the world as possible, which in turn offers a better life in general.  Working with Optometry Giving Sight and Vision Aid Overseas gives us the opportunity to help reach those people who are less fortunate than ourselves and who would otherwise not be able to afford any form of vision correction.”

“This is an incredible contribution.” Explained Donna Power, Country Manager for Optometry Giving Sight UK. “Not only did CIBA VISION raise record funds, but they also utilised their entire sales force to help register practices to take part across the UK, and we are so thankful for their considerable support.”

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