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CIBA Vision Young Wearers Campaign

CIBA VISION launches 2010 Young Wearers Campaign

October 2010

CIBA VISION’s hugely successful 2009 ‘Teens Campaign’ saw contact lens fits to teenagers rise from 7.7% to an impressive 9.3% of the market.1 On the strength of those figures they have announced the launch of their 2010 ‘Young Wearers Campaign’.

CIBA contend that there is a huge opportunity for growth with 52% of young wearers who are interested in contact lenses, yet only 3% of young people with vision correction needs currently wear them.3 This means the opportunity for growth is huge – especially when compared to other markets.

Research has shown that contact lenses go beyond meeting the young wearer’s vision correction needs. They can improve how young people feel about their appearance, their confidence at school and their ability to participate in sports and other activities.

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