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Eye Care and Eye Wear Campaign Announced

PHN announces a series of campaigns over the next year to help to educate the public about Vision, Eye Care and Eye wear in the UK

With a regular readership each month of around 20,000 new members of the public on Primary Health Net's (PHN’s) educative site the Optical Knowledge Company has decided to expand its educative role in highlighting prominent issues which affect large groups of people in the UK.  The topics will be given a 2 month span of coverage with leader articles announcing their forthcoming publication. It is hoped that industry leaders will support the issues raised with back up information on products and services available to the public related to the campaign topic.

Our past experience of others campaigning in Optics is that very often the campaign has proved too little and too short in publication time and we believe people are becoming resistant to National One week campaigns. “Successful campaigns need to include examples of products and services that actively assist those affected and offer help and assistance in improving vision and lifestyle choices,” said Bob Hutchinson, one of PHN’s Directors.

The company will ask for help and assistance in the form of body copy from the profession, educators and charities as well as industry and will publish a list of campaigns with dates over the next year.

Hutchinson continued “ It is interesting that so many people are accessing information on eye care for the elderly and especially advice on Home Visits both topics leading regularly in our top 10 of over 400 pages written for public consumption. Getting information not only to our senior citizens but also to their children who are often more concerned about their ageing parents will be our key role in our first of 6 campaigns starting in the Autumn.”

LOCs also have a role to play in taking the opportunity to tell their local population what is available in their area and the “Find My Optician” database provides an opportunity for all LOCs to publish service information, domiciliary opportunities and enhanced services made available in their area. The database is visited by over 10,000 new people each month looking for an Optician in their area.

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