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"You and Your Vision" published

Vision 2020UK in concert with the RNIB, UK Vision Strategy publish “You and Your Vision”

August 2010

This charter was original launched by David Blunkett at the Vision Uk Conference in June this year and covers all aspects of Eye Care and Sight Loss services in the UK.

It outlines in an understandable and jargon-free way what patients should expect along their eye care journey.  The outline of the patient journey reinforces the determination of the health care sector to provide seamless care provision between the health and social care services.

It is an excellent example of “Big Society” thinking in terms of input from users and providers as well as advocates from the third sector.

Starting at the point of the initial sight test through diagnosis and prognosis emphasising the importance of quality information, emotional support and referral to all kinds of specialist support.

You can download the charter here

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