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NHS Uses No Win, No Fee Law Firm

So it's one rule for them when it suits

October 2009

Despite the NHS bleating of additional costs to the service and a litigatious state created by the “no win, no fee” culture gathering pace in the UK; they themselves have decided to use the system to their advantage when attempting to recover alleged fraud.

Yes, The NHS Counter Fraud Service in England and Wales is now embracing the system after reaching a deal with a law firm to recoup money lost to fraud.
Patient groups accused the NHS of double standards.

It has long been considered that patients have been enticed if not coerced into litigation which creates hyper awards at a great cost to the NHS.  However the service which supports individual PCTs and Trusts in bringing action is recommending a law firm called Capsticks who will help recoup money on the same basis. Under the terms of the scheme, Capsticks will provide expert advice and representation at a discounted rate.

About £6m a year is returned to the NHS following legal action against fraudsters - although the true value of the crime is much higher.

Cases can be pursued either in Criminal courts or civil courts where there is often greater certainty of recouping the monies, and it is in these cases that the collaboration with Capsticks could provide a greater harvest, possibly at a greater cost to contractors involved.

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