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Record visits to My Local Optician

Primary Health Net reports continuing growth and a record visit rate on My Local Optician

6th September 2009

Despite August being the traditional quiet holiday month the public site for eyecare and eyewear was particularly busy breaking all previous records with over 12,000 visitors. Visits were split 50/50 between those who were looking for information and news on eyecare and eyewear and those searching for information about local opticians in their PCT area. Over 6000 searches were made for optician’s information, 90% making random searches within their area and the balance specifically requesting information about named opticians. The overwhelming number searching for named opticians were for those practices who have taken a web page presence on the site and provided more information about themselves. Those doing so picked up the lion share of named searches especially those who are named within the voucher offer page. Bob Hutchinson said” The effect of on-line advertising appears to be that for once there is a level playing field where even the smallest of branches can gain the same visibility rate as larger companies, as long as they provide good information about themselves on web page presence.”

The My Local Optician public site now provides an opportunity for public feedback about the pages and about their recent experiences with optical visits as well as an opportunity to log on as a “friend of the site” which will enable PHN to send updates about new stories on the site. 

Bob Hutchinson, Director of Primary Health Net“We will be using this facility to generate greater interest in eyecare and eyewear as well as highlighting events such as the National Eyecare Week.  We already receive emails requesting where frames advertised and discussed on the site can be obtained, and we are working much more closely with our advertisers to provide stockists listings for their products. Mylocaloptician is now a major contributor to public knowledge on all vision aspects and the visit growth has highlighted the need for additional output and consequently more helpers and copy writers to cope with demand, as a non profit enterprise we urgently need more copy, news and fashion information as well as support from industry and the profession by way of advertising revenue to capitalize on the success of the site,” said Hutchinson.

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