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Visual problems in classroom

1 in 5 twelve to seventeen year olds have visual problems in classroom

A Nationwide report from America reports that more than 1 in 5 12 to 17 year olds in school have visual problems in the classroom

11th August 2009

In a survey involving 1500 secondary school children carried out by Vision Care and Prevent Blindness in America, there was further evidence that 1 in 4 children suffered from headaches. These alarming figures are against a backdrop that 45% of those interviewed were wearing some form of eye correction.

"The survey provides a clear example of why regular eye exams are so important as children progress in school," said Gary Brooks, VSP Vision Care President. "Most parents probably assume once a prescription is given, there isn't a need for further follow up. However, the survey results reinforce the need for regular eye exams as kids' eyes continue to change and adapt. There are growing demands on their vision as they advance academically. The headaches the older children are experiencing may be a natural result of their eyes experiencing more strain and stress but not receiving updated prescriptions to accommodate the changes."

The report also showed that almost two-thirds (66 percent) of children under the age of six have never had an eye exam and one in four 6 to 11-year-olds wears prescription glasses. It was also shown that the prevalence of common eye conditions, as reported by parents, increases with the child's age.
It has long be thought that eyecare provision within schools within the UK has been very patchy and creates a false belief in parents who consider the job done after occasional vision checks.† Indeed the CEO of the AOP, Mr Bob Hughes highlighted this problem to Government Officers earlier this year.

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