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Blind numbers could double by 2050

Blind Numbers could double by 2050

At a recent UK Vision Strategy event held at the QE II Conference Centre delegates were warned  that the UK’s blind and partially sighted population could double to reach four million by the middle of this century.

The RNIB launched its latest report, Future Sight Loss UK, at the Vision UK 2009 conference to inform the UK Vision Strategy and the charity’s strategic goals.

The study is formed of two parts – the economic impact of partial sight and blindness in the UK adult population by the research group Access Economics, and an epidemiological and economic model for sight loss in the decade 2010–2020 by Darwin Minassian and Angela Reidy of the EpiVision study team.

It was reported that the latest breakdown of 1.8 million people with either partial sight or registered blind fell into the following catagories:

Refarctive error 53.5%
AMD 16.7%
Cataract 13.7%
Glaucoma 5.3%
Diabetic Retinopathy 3.5%
Others 7.4%

Researchers EpiVision discovered that the prevalence of early wet and dry AMD in the UK adult population will increase by 25% from 2010

The conference was reported by OT and press released by them.

For further information the RNIB site discussion is at§ion=23§ionTitle=Latest+News&from=&to=

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