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Convert Silhouette Specs to Sunglasses

Now you can convert your Silhouette Specs to sunglasses

February 2014

Silhouette is introducing STYLE SHADES – a revolutionary new eyewear system that transforms glasses to sunglasses with just one click!

Silhouette Style Shades is a range of sunglass eyepieces that easily clip on to any prescription Silhouette rimless eyewear, transforming them into stylish sunglasses. Available in five style options (two unisex, one women’s and two men’s), Style Shades come with two nose bridge variations to provide the perfect sit and fit. Style Shades are larger than the lenses of the prescription eyewear, giving total coverage, achieving unrestricted vision and a really streamlined, stylish profile.

The premium, quality lenses of Style Shades fully accommodate prescription vision, providing optimal image and resolution with no distortion, stronger contrast and more accurate colours. For distance vision, near vision or progressive, whatever the diopter value, Style Shades have it covered. High-tech materials, clean coating and “handmade in Austria” all stand for excellent quality in workmanship, synonymous with the Silhouette brand.

Style Shades provides 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays, blocking up to 87% of dangerous blue light. Thanks to polarizing filters, reflections and sunlight glare is eliminated. The outsize shape of Style Shades protects the eyes from the sun’s rays hitting them from the side, equipping the wearer for any outdoor occasion or pursuit.

Weighing just 5.10 grams, the Titan Minimal Art cult eyewear weighs less than 15.1 grams when fitted with Style Shades, providing a lightweight, comfortable choice that ensures the perfect fit and optimum comfort.

Gerhard Fuchs, Silhouette Style Shades designer comments on his latest collection, “Style Shades makes a cool style statement – perfect for those wearers of rimless Silhouette eyewear who wish to give their classic shades a new, trendy touch.”

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