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Forgan launches unique Aquaviz

Forgan launches unique Aquaviz

February 2013

Following years of extensive research and development, optical industry expert Bob Forgan has launched his unique watersports mask called Aquaviz, promising a whole new experience for swimmers and watersports enthusiasts who need vision correction.

Forgan AquavizWhat makes Aquaviz so innovative is the ‘snap in’ insert, containing the wearer’s prescription lenses (which can even include bifocals and varifocals), that fits comfortably in to specially-designed watertight goggles.  The ‘snap in’ insert has been designed to sit the same distance away from eyes as most regular glasses, meaning a prescription does not have to be adjusted as it does in many other products that sit closer to, or further from, the eyes.

As well as being the first goggles to incorporate the user’s prescription lenses within a snap-in insert, the Aquaviz mask sits around the eyes so they are much more comfortable.  They are also extremely cost effective as there is no specialist processing required.

Aquaviz creator, Bob Forgan, who has been in the optical industry for almost 40 years commented:
“What makes Aquaviz so innovative is the ‘snap in’ insert containing the wearer’s prescription lenses, which can be glazed just like a regular plastic frame. It can even include bifocals and varifocals, and fits easily into the specially-designed watertight goggles. It is completely unique to the optical and sports market as there is no other prescription swimming or watersports mask available.  My patent pending ‘snap in’ lens insert can hold almost any prescription, therefore appealing to a wide market.

AquavizFor years I just accepted seeing things in a blur whenever I went swimming or snorkelling and there are millions of others like me. For contact lens wearers it’s an affordable option that not only delivers good vision but also provides protection from potentially sight threatening infections.” 

“The original plan was to launch Aquaviz at the now cancelled Eye Show this month, however we now have big plans to launch at MIDO, the International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition at the beginning of March.”

Key features of Aquaviz goggles include:

• A comfortable, watertight fit, achieved with a dive-quality hypoallergenic skirt that securely adapts to a wide range of face shapes and is secured with gasket suction and silicone double head strap
• Single gasket design – Aquaviz has no uncomfortable bridge band and pressure is distributed evenly over the cheekbones and forehead, reducing the risk of headaches and ‘goggle eyes’
• The goggle lenses have a scratch resistant coating on the outside for durability and fog-resistant coating on the inside to stop them steaming up during use
• The Polycarbonate goggle lenses block 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
Aquaviz Snorkel Mask and Snow Goggles are also available and the ‘snap in’ insert is interchangeable across all Aquaviz masks and goggles.
Range prices start from RRP £39.95. 

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