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Silhouette Eyewear Launch "The Icon"

Silhouette Eyewear Launches ‘The Icon’

December 2012

The new style embodies all of the key brand values, innovation, minimalism and effortless style expected from the Silhouette brand. Virtually weightless at less than a tenth of an ounce and with no frames, hinges or screws ‘The Icon’ delivers the ultimate in comfort and unrestricted vision. When Silhouette presented the Titan Minimal Art in 1999, it was hugely successful in professional circles. Since then, a series of collections and distinctly recognisable rimless eyewear has been designed around this cult model. Nine million spectacle wearers around the globe appreciate the unique assets of Titan Minimal Art.

Silhouette Eyewear The IconThis style-defining icon symbolizes Silhouette’s most revolutionary developments in recent eyewear history.

‘The Icon’ stands for the best that Silhouette has to offer with the highest quality standards and attention to detail.

Responsible for the design of the classical Titan Minimal Art, designer Gerhard Fuchs took the core values of all Silhouette eyewear and enhanced its design focusing on dynamic, modern and powerful elements. The result is light, versatile eyewear with subtle durability and clear design, guaranteeing the wearer unrestricted vision with the utmost comfort in any situation.

Silhouette revolutionised eyewear design with the use of high-tech titanium this combined with SPX temple ends gives a soft-touch finish giving optimum comfort. The combination of the titanium and SPX creates a perfect frame which is feather-light, flexible, hypoallergenic and durable.

An outstanding colour palette also makes this collection stand out. The colour range varies from classic and muted hues to bold and bright tones, with something to suit every active personality. Modern design is combined with the quality finish of the metallic temples and the superb effect of the two-toned temple ends gives ‘The Icon’ a dynamic touch. The new collection is aimed at a younger market and targets those who are active.

As with all the Silhouette collections ‘The Icon’ is largely handcrafted in Austria in a process involving more than 200 steps.

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